Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A friend who now lives in -- gasp! -- Brooklyn writes of this East Chelsea eatery:
If you ever crossed 6th Ave., Kenneth -- oh, who am I kidding? -- you may have noticed a crowded little restaurant on 19th between 6th and 5th. That was Uncle Moe's Burrito's, maker of the finest Cali-style Mexican food on the entire island of Manhattan. And yes, "was" is the operative word here. According to the dark, Grim Reaper-esque man inside the doorway, when I made the slashed-throat "closed?" gesture, his solemn nod told me everything I needed to know. And the "Building For Sale" sign on the wall answered my other question: Does downtown Manhattan really need another sleek, luxury condo designed with all the warmth of a German hospital? Yes, apparently, it does. Uncle Moe's sustained me and untold thousands of other transplants who knew the ethereal, addictive pleasures of a beautifully handmade burrito. Their loss creates a hole that Trader Joe's (another Cali institution) can never, ever fill. Goodbye, mi amigo. Say hi to the Big Burrito in the sky.

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dishy said...

Dishy you can actually live in a large dwelling in Brooklyn - with GASP! a bathroom large enough to put a chair in it! I'd trade that with overcrowded too loud Manhattan any day! How about A KITCHEN TABLE IN YOUR KITCHEN?