Sunday, November 03, 2013

Post Script

Hard to say which New York Post cover made me more sad this weekend: Sunday's "JFK Jr. Death Fight," in which two reporters I know and like continue to shamelessly cull through Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s ill-gotten private diaries, this time revealing intimate moments the Kennedy family went through after its Golden Boy tragically died in a 1999 plane crash with his wife and sister-in-law.

Or Saturday's "Burnie Goetz," detailing the arrest of subway vigilante Bernard Goetz, who was obviously entrapped by a female undercover cop. That the NYPD has nothing better to do than go after a destitute 65-year-old man who was probably just looking for the attention of a woman -- for a "drug" that isn't even illegal in some parts of the country -- is just pathetic. Aren't there some real criminals you could be going after, guys? Even former chief of police Bernard Kerik thinks this war on drugs is bullshit ... now.

Sounds like the NYPD has nothing better to do now that New York City is the fourth safest city in America. (My childhood home of Mesa is No. 5!)

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