Friday, November 08, 2013

Meme Squared

This handsome fella is the manager of a restaurant I patronize nearly every day of the week. My friend Chad was visiting one weekend so I -- of course -- took him there to eat. Chad noticed a guy walking toward the kitchen and said, "Isn't that Ridiculously Photogenic Guy?" I said, "Huh? That's Watkins." Turns out Chad was right -- Watkins (aka Zeddie Little) went viral when he was photographed looking incredibly fresh while running in the 2012 Cooper River Bridge 10k Run in Charleston, South Carolina. What was funny is that I had posted his photo when it happened, yet never realized he was someone I know and like. Today Chad pointed me to the latest twist, when Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Met Grumpy Cat at Disneyland. If you're already saying "awww!" then you're not alone. It's hard to imagine a more adorable pair! Video/story HERE.

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vito said...

Which restaurant???????