Friday, November 01, 2013

From Outing to In-ing?

I have to agree with Michaelangelo Signorile and others who say it's gotten to the point that by NOT writing about someone being gay, it's like saying there's something shameful about it. Would the New York Times have done a lengthy profile on any straight 25-year-old Hollywood scion without mentioning his love life? 

Niether the New York Times nor Vanity Fair mentioned it, but Christopher Glazek if Vice says former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett is Farrow's longtime boyfriend, although he cites Google as his source, writing: "For all I know the situation is more complicated and Farrow and Lovett are in a four-way relationship with an older woman and her female cat."

Read the Vice piece HERE and tell me what you think in the comments or on Facebook HERE.


Dwight said...

Kind of a loud- talk over type -from the limited stuff I have seen on MSNBC. I think yes- it is relevant -as he is another brick in the wall that when complete- will not require anyone to have to specify their sexuality. It will only be then that there is true equality and we are far from that point. Better gay men and women, including me have confessed for the cause , because -it does change hearts and minds -when someone seen as successful , intelligent and settled is gay. So yes Kenny we need to keep on outing ourselves until the last bigot dies or until equal gay rights and gay marriage are settled law in all fifty states.

Lynn said...

I vote that we leave Ronan Farrow alone. If a celebrity announces that he is gay (or straight, for that matter), reporters will take that announcement as an invitation to ask detailed questions about the celebrity's love life. ("Are you seeing anyone?" "How serious is it?" "When are you getting married?" "Why did you break up with your ex?" etc., etc.) Some people, for quite legitimate reasons, don't want to answer these sorts of questions. (Maybe they're NOT seeing anyone, and they're a little embarrassed that they don't have a boyfriend. Maybe they don't want to be pushed into declaring everlasting love for someone who may turn out to be a casual fling. Maybe they're trying to recover from a bitter breakup and don't want to talk about it.) For any celebrity -- gay or straight -- it's usually smarter not to talk about your love life unless (or until) you have a serious relationship and both you and your significant other are ready to go public. Farrow is probably not at that point yet.