Monday, November 25, 2013

Constant Craving

I've been writing about sexy Alan Ritchson since I started my blog -- from his nearly naked spreads and jockstrap shoots, to his football look and show off his naked bubble butt. While he never achieved superstardom as Aquaman, he's (apparently) in the Hunger Games movies, which was enough to get International Jock to go into its archives and pull up a dozen shoots from his modeling days. See 'em all HERE.


Larry said...

He was barely in the movie, but still so lovely to look at. I remember when he auditioned for "American Idol" back in the early days, and was known more for cavorting shirtless in the pool than his singing. (As would I, if I looked like that.)

Thanks for the trip down Ritchson Memory Lane!

Unknown said...

What about his series as a football player on Spike TV? He was one of the main reasons to watch Blue Mountain State.

Unknown said...

What about his 3 seasons on Blue Mountain State? He was one of the main reasons to watch it.