Sunday, October 06, 2013

Serbs Him Right

Now you decide to play well? (Argh, where was this person in Flushing Meadows?) Despite the win, the Serb still lost his No. 1 ranking to the Spaniard, as well he should have. Here's hoping Nole's confidence is more like this in the Slams next year -- he was unstoppable.

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Larry said...

I'm a huge Rafa fan, and I'm thrilled that he's the #1 player again given the level of his play over the last several months. However, the way the ranking system works is so flawed--Djokovic gets no points whatsoever for defending his title, but Rafa gets points for making it to the final. You should get points for exceeding where you wound up in the same tournament the year previous, but shouldn't actually winning--defending your title--count for something, too?