Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Running From Scissors

Madman stabs 5, including tot 

Jesus. Horrifying attack this morning uptown:

The New York Post reports:
A scissor-wielding madman went on a bloody stabbing spree on the Upper West Side on Tuesday morning, randomly attacking at least five people, including a child in a stroller and his ballet dancer father, before cops carted him off, authorities said.

The attacker, Julius James Graham, 43, a homeless man originally from Texas, slashed two men, two women and the child before he was taken into custody, said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. “Around 7:50 a.m., the suspect stabs a woman, a jogger in the back on the running path on Riverside Drive,” Kelly told reporters later.

“He then moves further down the path, he then sees another female jogger, he slashes her in the neck. He continues to move south and a little east when he encounters a man with a stroller with his 2-year-old son. He slashes that man in the chest as the man is attempting to protect his son and his son is slashed on the arm.”

Kelly said an unidentified good Samaritan helped subdue the suspect.

“He did a good job,” Kelly said.
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UPDATE: Simon & Schuster senior editor Ben Loehnen was among those injured in Tuesday morning's random slashings in Riverside Park. Loehnen was stabbed in the stomach while walking his dogs. The NYT says "at first [he] thought he had been punched in the gut, but then saw the blood and realized he had been stabbed." (The attacker was said to wield part of a pair of scissors). We were told informally by others that Loehnen was recovering following surgery, and in an updated version the NYT confirmed he was "doing well." Loehnen edited my pal Jack Gray's "Pigeon in a Crosswalk" from earlier this year.

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