Thursday, October 17, 2013

JetBlue Introduces LGBT-Friendly Travel Perks

As if JetBlue weren't already the most pro-equality airline in the sky, now comes word that the carrier will allow same-sex couples and families to collectively earn and spend points, for free.

From a release:
“We believe our new Family Pooling feature will be a great benefit for all TrueBlue members, including our lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender travelers, allowing existing same-sex couples and families to jointly earn and spend their points,” stated Kelly Roe, director of loyalty marketing and partnerships at JetBlue Airways. “Single LGBT travelers can also create their own family by electing one other partner over the age of 21, and also include up to five children, under the age of 21, if they wish to do so.”

With TrueBlue Family Pooling, customers can determine their own “family” based on what is most beneficial to them. Customers must visit to set up their family and select a “Head of Household.” A family can consist of up to two adults at least 21 years old and up to five children, under the age of 21.  
 To learn more, click HERE.

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Gr8Lthr said...

I find all of this kind of amazing. In 2008 Jet Blue gave LOTS of money to pass Prop 8 here in California. My Husband and I were Frequent Flyers and used them exclusively for trips to NYC. When the news broke that that had given money to pass Prop 8, we quit the program. When we were asked why we were quitting, and when given the reason, they had no reply.I am still waiting for a letter explaining their actions.
To me , their "Gay Friendly" attitude changed when they figured out how money was to be made off the gay community. I will NEVER fly them ,no matter how much they claim to be "Gay Friendly"