Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Allen Wrench?

Mia: Sinatra could be my son’s daddy 

Somehow I doubt the Chairman of the Board could be the father of any geniuses, but kudos to Mia Farrow for stirring the pot, even if it's clearly a bunch of bullshit. ("Satchel" looks EXACTLY like his mom did when she was young.).

The New York Post writes:
New bombshell on Woody Allen’s blue-eyed boy Ronan Farrow’s ol’ blue eyes may say it all. Farrow, long described as the only biological child of actress Mia Farrow and New York filmmaker Woody Allen, may actually be the son of Frank Sinatra, his mom acknowledged in a bombshell report Wednesday. While Hollywood has whispered about the prospect for years, it was the first time that Mia publicly admitted the possibility. Asked point-blank by Vanity Fair about Sinatra’s possible parentage of Ronan, Mia coyly replied: “Possibly.” The “Rosemary’s Baby’’ actress was married to Ol’ Blue Eyes from 1966 to 1968 but continued to be his lover on and off afterward — including when she was involved with Allen. Sinatra died in 1998. A DNA test has been never done to prove who Ronan’s father is. But if the Chairman of the Board turned out to be Ronan’s dad, it would likely be welcome news to the 25-year-old wunderkind lawyer. He has despised Allen ever since the nebbishy filmmaker ran off and married Ronan’s adopted sister, Soon-Yi Previn. It also might be a slightly remarkable feat for Sinatra — who would have been around 78 when Ronan was conceived. Still, it only takes one look at Ronan’s clear, gorgeous, blue eyes to see how much he takes after Sinatra physically, as opposed to the brown-eyed Allen.

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dishy said...

I think he is a Sinatra - google image him - they are too similar!