Thursday, September 12, 2013

Greek Active

   Fun time last night with Scooter at the booming opening gala for Atlas Social Club (ASC), the new Hell's Kitchen (high) dive bar co-owned by nightlife titans Josh Wood, Benjamin Maisani (Eastern Bloc, Bedlam), Pablo Raimondi (Bedlam) and Asi Mazar (Splash). Spotted a few familiar faces -- including Whoopi Goldberg, the singer Eve (no sign of Adam, or Steve) and blogger Andy Towle, out way past his bedtime, along with beau Dave Grant. Then we had a nice chat with Next magazine editor in chief Alex Erikson, who has been steering the ship since Benjamin Solomon stepped down earlier this spring. Turns out Alex is a fellow Michigander -- he's from Rochester and I think I heard that his mom went to high school with you-know-who --but favors Katy Perry to his generation's Madge, Lady Who's-Her-Face. After one beer and a quick tour -- the place is long and narrow, not unlike Eastern Bloc -- we hit the road. Atlas Social Club seems like it's going to be a fun new hangout, but with a packed house on an unseasonably -- unreasonably? -- hot night, not even the best air conditioner could keep the place cool.  To learn more about the joint, click HERE.

More photos HERE.

Pablo Raimondi, Benjamin Maisani & Mark Consuelos

Edwin Joel Vazquez & Asi Mazar

Josh Wood and Whoopi Goldberg

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