Thursday, September 19, 2013

Checking In With Amy Sedaris

  Entertaining Q&A with Amy Sedaris conducted by my pal Mark Allen over on the Awl,. (He asks her if she is to blame for this whole cupcake debacle!) Check it out HERE.

Although she doesn't address it directly, figured out her sister Tiffany died in May, although it's unclear what the cause was. (Anyone know?) Amy commented on an obituary posted HERE. Puts brother David's latest book into perspective a bit. He wrote one rather grim essay about how a recent siblings reunion would likely be the last time they were all together.


Blobby said...

That is a bummer about Tiffany, but I'd have to go back and reread David's essay about all being together. I think he even mentioned it was most likely the last time they would all be together (Rooster wasn't there, if I recall - just him and his sisters).

I would have liked better q and a from the Amy interview. She was set-up for yes and no answers basically. Oh can't always get what you want.

justconnect said...

Tiffany committed suicide. I wasn't aware of this until I watched a Dutch interview with David today. He told the interviewer that he hadn't spoken to Tiffany for eight years before her suicide. He also regretted that he would never get all the money back that he lent her. She had promised to return it "in her lifetime." I was shocked at his bitter tone. But the suicide had occurred only a month before the interview, so maybe he was in shock and lashing out.