Tuesday, July 30, 2013

RIP: Eileen Brennan Is Dead at 80

Sad to read that Eileen Brennan died on Sunday. The old broad acted in countless movies ("The Last Picture Show," swoon) and television shows ("Will & Grace"), but more than anything, she'll always be Capt. Doreen Lewis to me, who had little patience for Goldie Hawn in "Private Benjamin." RIP, funny lady.


Anonymous said...

why is this the first i've heard of her death?!?

she will always be fondly remembered by me. thanks for posting.

MJEH said...

Although she had many good roles, I loved her best in "Murder By Death" (1976).

Anonymous said...

Pure Legend!! Loved her in everything.
Thanks for all the laughs, Eileen Brennan.

SFRowGuy said...

<3 Murder By Death and 'Miss Peacock' in Clue