Thursday, July 18, 2013

Court of Appeals

You know you're associating with the right crowd when one of your friends posts this on Facebook

Wimbledon organizers: Please construct a pathway from the court to the friends box. The image of Marion Bartoli trying to scale the wall like a sweaty cat burglar will not go away.  
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While another gets this letter published on Jon Wertheim's Tennis Mailbag on

When will someone at the Grand Slams have the sense to install some sort of stairs to the friends box for the finals so that we don't have to watch the players almost end their careers by climbing their way there? -- Sean D., Lynbrook, N.Y. 

  • And what a sponsorship opportunity. If the NCAA can have an official ladder used for the net-cutting ceremony after the national championship game*, tennis should be able to sell a collapsible step stool or somesuch.
  •  *Running joke that I wish I had made up but didn't: The official ladder of the NCAA is the backs of 19-year-old kids.

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