Friday, June 28, 2013

Locker Room Peep Show

Never understood why reporters were allowed to interview athletes while they're showering and getting dressed, but I'm not going to argue with either of these: Everyone's talking about Detroit Tigers slugger Don Kelly's naked TV moment yesterday (below). But it pales in comparison to the penis puppet show put on by a teammate of rugby player Steve Menzies of Manly Beach seen HERE!

See Don(g) Kelly in all his glory HERE. He's definitely a "utility" player!


Kein said...

Between Sanchez, Don Kelly and the soccar player, you have single-handedly turned me into a sports fan today!

Jay said...

and that guy in the first video was underpants!! im watching the news more often!!

Dave said...

Beautiful - Don Kelly is a really nice guy, so I really enjoy seeing all of him.

Dave said...

The Don Kelly video is available on Dailymotion as well

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