Monday, June 10, 2013

Renaissance Men

Wanted to send out a big thank-you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail over the weekend. Had a fun day, first a romantic lunch on the Highline with Michael (sandwiches from Bottino are the best in town!), followed by coffee with my pal Tony, then dinner at Veselka with Mikey. Afterward, we met up with for a little bar-hopping with our friends Frank and Craig. We started at Motor City -- they're Detroit guys too -- which is closing soon (rent hike was too rich for a even a bar not inspired by a dying city) followed by a drink at Eastern Bloc (no Anderson Cooper sightings, although his birthday is just five days before mine -- same year!) then a nightcap at Phoenix. Although I don't go out much these days, it was reassuring to see so many guys of all ages were out on the town enjoying themselves. I had been led to believe that vritually all gay connections these days were made via computers and apps, but this is clearly not the case. After seeing how long the line was at Artichoke Basille's Pizza on 14th Street, I insisted we slum it and go for a bite at the newish IHOP across the street. Sure, my surburban roots were showing. And no, they didn't even have the International Passport Breakfast -- my "ususal." But my 2 x 2 x 2 was absolutely delicious. And I didn't exactly notice anything left on anyone else's plate, so I think I made the right call. Thanks everyone for making it a great birthday weekend!

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robb said...

no coke. pepsi!