Friday, June 21, 2013

Ken We Talk?

Strategist Out of Closet and Into Fray, This Time for Gay Marriage 

 I sat next to Ken Mehlman in a restaurant the other night and heard him babbling on and on and on to his twink "date" all the traits he finds unattractive in a person, a list that sounded eerily like me or Joe Jervis describing what we don't like about him. I hear this piece of work throws lavish parties filled with cute boys in his gorgeous Hamptons summer rental that he pays for with money he earned ruining the lives of LGBT people. What a guy. Read HERE.


Anonymous said...

He'll never get the blood off his hands.

Interesting that he allowed himself to be photographed in front of a clown photo by Cindy Sherman. That's what he is--a very expensive and creepy clown.

Anonymous said...

The minute we get our equality, I will erase his name from my brain. Until then, if he can move the ball forward for our side, I'm fine with him.

Anonymous said...

I loathe that thing. He has done so much to harm our community. He's ugly inside and out.