Thursday, June 06, 2013

It's a Book! WASN'T TOMORROW WONDERFUL? by Kenneth M. Walsh; Coming December 2013 From Magnus Books

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June 5, 2013
Former NYT editor and creator of the blog Kenneth in the (212) Kenneth Walsh's WASN'T TOMORROW WONDERFUL?, about a suburban childhood spent dreaming of life in the big city, and the relationships, anxiety disorders and places in between, to Don Weise at Magnus Books, in a nice deal, for publication in December 2013, by Christopher Schelling at Selectric Artists (World).

Very pleased to share with you the news that my agent found a publisher for my debut book, "WASN'T TOMORROW WONDERFUL? My Not-So-Straight Path to the (212)" -- a collection of personal essays, aka "a memoir" -- for release this December from Magnus Books! (The deal memo just went up on Publishers Marketplace.)

I imagine I will be talking about it more than enough in the months ahead -- it'll make the perfect holiday gift! -- but I wanted to take this moment to thank My Two Christophers for inching this dream closer to becoming a reality: My agent, Christopher Schelling, who first approached me in 2006 saying he thought I was "funny" and wanted to know if I "had a book in me" -- I did, it just took awhile! -- and Christopher Carozzo, who helped me go through six years of blog posts to figure out which topics might be chapterworthy. 

More details TK, but I couldn't be more excited!

UPDATE: The pub date was moved to March 5, 2014.


K212 FAN said...

Yay!!! Congratulations. Can't wait for December, I'll be the first one at the B&N or maybe be the first to hit the "SUBMIT" button on Amazon.

Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Now let's get down to business. How much is a "nice" deal?

SEAN said...


Chad said...

It's official! Congratulations! (And I'm digging the new title!)

Matt said...

You have a right to be excited. Congratulations.

Larry said...

That's so awesome. Can't wait to read it. Congrats, Kenneth!!

dishy said...


Who's Johnny? said...

Felicidades Kenneth! I knew you'd find a publisher. It was a matter of time :-D

Mark said...

Congrats, KENNY! :) I can't wait to read this! This has been a long time coming-- great job!

swine said...

Good luck, Kenny! You should post some teasers here.

lenny said...

Kenneth... I can't start my day without reading your blog... I live in Denver and miss NYC terribly... your writings about the changing city aka Chelsea... leave me weeping also. looking forward to your book.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the book deal- but do you give credit where it's due for the title?

A Waitresses Fanatic

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