Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wright on Top

NY Mets star David Wright named ‘hottest cub’ by dating website

Can't argue there, which is why I spent the first five years of blogging trying to get a shirtless photo of the third-base hottie. I SUCCEEDED!. 

See the full list of MLB cubs HERE.


von said...

Sorry K, shirtless picture doesn't count if it's the old tubby David.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I prefer real beef over the steroid I injected crap. MUAH!

Alan S. said...

Their definition of "cub" is really different from what I've become accustomed to.

Cole Hamels? Tall and scrawny Hamels is not even close to a cub, and they have him at No. 2.

All of the rest of the guys could probably comfortably fall somewhere into the bear/cub spectrum.

All are hot guys though, which appears to be their only requirement for the cub designation. It also looks like they made an attempt at diversity.

I look forward to your eventual MLB list, Kenneth!

Anonymous said...

Mr Wright is one of the best looking men in baseball.