Thursday, May 16, 2013

Texas Mom Not Mickey Mousing Around

The LGBT community and one concerned mom are fighting back against the so-called One Million Moms and their discriminatory campaign against Disney's Gay Days. Darcy Christ, a straight mom in Texas, has created Millions of Moms for Love on Facebook and is hoping to receive as many “likes” as possible to prove anti-gay beliefs are not shared by most moms in America. Check it out HERE

Also, a website has been set up that allows supporters of Gay Days to send a thank you note to Disney for not succumbing to the discriminatory bullying of groups like One Million Moms. Visit the site HERE.

Davey Valentine writes:
Thank you so much for your support!!! BRAVO!!! I want to be the first person to post a pride pic of myself in your page!!!

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Darcy Christ said...

Kenneth, Thanks for sharing about my Millions of Moms for Love page! Let's make love louder than hate!