Thursday, May 02, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Drivin' on 9' by the Breeders

As a member of the "print" media, it's with great shame that I confess that I rarely even get around to flipping through the dozen or so magazines I subscribe to when they land in my mailbox. But as I was bundling the latest pile for recycling, I happened to open a not-that-old issue of Rolling Stone, and made a wonderful discovery:

Alt-rock stars return with deluxe treasure-packed 'Last Splash' reissue and tour

My heart began to race -- for the uninitiated, "Last Splash" was pretty much the best thing about the 1990s (Zac Efron was born in '87) -- as I went straight to Ticketmaster to see if I had already missed the show. As fate would have it, the monopolistic ticket czars wouldn't even allow me to search -- a cryptic NO TICKETS FOR SALE AT THIS TIME appeared on-screen -- even though the concert is this coming Monday at Webster Hall.  (It'll be the first time the "Last Splash" line-up has played together in ages!) Fortunately, I was able to run two down on Craigslist, and lined me up a date faster than you can do the Macarena. (Still picking out the perfect plaid shirt -- and checking the forecast to see if I can wear my best jean shorts. Will I see you there?!)

The "Last Splash" reissue, however, does not appear to have been released in America yet (I see a pricey pre-orderable import that even I would not pay for), but don't think I'm not rocking out to the original version on autorepeat. It's hard to pick a favorite song. For any other group, "Invisible Man," "I Just Wanna Get Along," "Saints" or "Do You Love Me Now?" could have been career-defining hits, but to also have "Cannonball," "Divine Hammer" and "Drivin' on 9" on the same album, now that's insane!

I'm picking "Drivin' on 9" as my song of the day because I found this (homemade) video featuring classic driving scenes from movies that will delight you nearly as much as Kim's delivery!

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