Thursday, May 09, 2013

Mug Shot Thursday

My friend tried to sell me on this guy for my Mug Shot Hotties feature. I think our e-mail exchange explains it best:

Marc wrote:
I confess to having a grudging respect for this young whipper-snapper. Though his mugshot isn't as hot as you'd hope, given the nature of his numerous crimes, the facial wounds do lend a certain Hee-Haw-ish charm. Oh, and need I mention his home state? No, I didn't think so. 
I wrote: 
My god, this would be the best story ever ... if he were hot. Oh, wait. That's true of all stories. 
Marc wrote:
 I think I would do him, as a matter of principal alone. Look at his stats: Three hours driving on 4 flat tires Five arrests in 4 months With numbers like that, you know he's hung. 

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