Friday, May 24, 2013

Gross Anatomy

Via Romenesko (too good not to share):

Dan Gross has an entertaining piece in Philadelphia magazine about his adventures as a Philly Daily News gossip columnist. (He took a buyout in January.) He writes in the June issue:
I have always been interested in celebrities. I grew up reading my mom’s People magazines; in high school, a friend and I published a punk fanzine called Scenester! I got my picture taken with singer Brandy at my prom. (She was the date of my classmate, one Kobe Bryant.) In college, I published a magazine called Deal With It and profiled Todd Bridges of "Diff’rent Strokes"; I tried to interview Anthony Michael Hall of "Breakfast Club" fame, but he demanded to be paid and we ended up arguing over it. I ran the transcript of him being a dick instead. My first gotcha.
Read HERE.

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HughE Dillon said...

I love that you posted this link to Dan Gross' column in the Philly Mag.