Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Confessions of a 'Best Little Boy in the World'

Great op-ed in the New York Times by Adam D. Chandler, a 28-year-old (closeted) lawyer in Washington, who proves that the post-"Will & Grace" world is still full of "best little boys in the world":

He writes:
A recently published study has substantiated what’s called the “Best Little Boy in the World” hypothesis, first put forward in 1973 in a book by Andrew Tobias, then writing under a pseudonym. It’s the idea that young, closeted men deflect attention from their sexuality by investing in recognized markers of success: good grades, athletic achievement, elite employment and so on. Overcompensating in competitive arenas affords these men a sense of self-worth that their concealment diminishes. Deriving self-worth from achievement-related domains, like Ivy League admissions, is a common strategy among closeted men seeking to maintain self-esteem while hiding their stigma. The strategy is an effort to compensate for romantic isolation and countless suppressed enthusiasms. And it requires time-consuming study and practice, which conveniently provide an excuse for not dating. Best of all, it distracts: “What Barbie? Look at my report card!”
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