Monday, May 06, 2013

Bicurious Briefs

In what every underwear company dreams will come true, C-IN2 gleefully annoucned its "A Week in the Life" aideo "fell to the Facebook censorship ax!" Enjoy!


StevyD said...

I love how the woman in slinky lingerie is used more to show what we have all seen televised and thus shouldn't be squeamish about when seen on men, than to convince us of his hetero-masculinity.

Larry said...

Wait...what were they selling again? I got distracted.

Mike said...

Why would a company that makes it's bank on selling to gay men (be real, a straight man wearing those undies) ruin their ad by placing a woman in it? Not to sound misogynistic but we're gay men and sticking a woman in the ad just seems heterocentric to me.