Friday, April 12, 2013

TV Host Goes Harty on Harry

Here's one I just discovered: I don't know who this Russell Harty was, but if this 1983ish interview with Debbie Harry is any indication, he was a very unpleasant man. Who acts as a film critic to the face of an actress on a chat show????? Cute to hear Deb discuss her "upcoming single" called "Rush Rush." The cocaine-themed song was written for the soundtrack of "Scarface," which starred her doppelganger Michelle Pfeiffer.


Taffy said...

Poor Debbie. She's not always the easiest interviewee, but she was utterly charming and that host was a pompous jackass.

Anonymous said...

Harty was also slapped by Grace Jones. At the time of his death he was partners with Jamie O'Neill, who went on to write At Swim, Two Boys

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