Monday, April 01, 2013

The Ciccone Bunch

The Daily Mail's latest story about Madonna's "homeless brother who lives under a bridge" is more of the same. (The guy is obviously a drunk whose entire family has had to set up boundaries in an attempt to get him to straighten up, something many addicts do not want to do.) What's interesting to me, however, is the breakdown of Madge's relationships with her other siblings. 

While we're aware of her falling out with bitch Christopher, I've always wondered about the rest -- remember Paula, who thought she was the "next" Madonna"? -- including the much-younger half siblings I'm guessing she barely got to know back when. Here's what they dug up:

Anthony:  'I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other.' 

MARTY, born 1957
Was in the U.S. army. In 1994, he released a debut rap album under the name MC Ciccone, which included numerous bitter digs at his sister. In 1999, after being without a record contact for several years, he was finally persuaded by Madonna to enter rehab to deal with his alcohol problem — which she paid for — causing him to miss her second wedding. He started a restaurant in Los Angeles, and went back into rehab again in 2003. Divorced with a daughter, he lives in Los Angeles and is trying to make it as a voice-over artist. He and Madonna are in friendly contact.

PAULA, born 1959
Spent some time in the Eighties as a model in New York. She then worked as a graphic artist in Michigan — she is an accomplished portrait painter. She’s spent time working at the family vineyard doing marketing and looking after the website. She and Madonna are ‘fond’ of each other. Chris has said: ‘Madonna is close to Paula — she is only a year younger than her.’ There was some bad feeling in 2000 when Madonna refused to pay for Paula to travel to her second wedding, to Guy Ritchie.

CHRISTOPHER, born 1960
Once Madonna’s closest sibling, he began his career as her assistant, dresser, stylist and artistic director. Later, he furnished her houses, too. Madonna paid for him to have rehab for alcohol and cocaine abuse. They fell out in 2003 when she dropped him as her tour director. Guy Ritchie never liked him. Chris’s memoir, "Life With My Sister Madonna," was published in 2008. He is now working as a creative director for singers and songwriters. He has plans for a coffee-table book, continues to work as an interior designer and paints. He hopes he can make up his differences with Madonna. ‘We’ve not spoken since the book, but it’s inevitable we’ll see each other at a family event,’ he has said.

MELANIE, born 1962
Now married with two children, Melanie used to be a publicist at Brian Eno’s Opal Records. She is married to the singer and songwriter Joe Henry — an old friend of Madonna’s who recently produced Hugh Laurie’s album and wrote Madonna's hit "Don't Tell Me," originally known as "Stop" when he first recorded it . Chris has said: ‘Madonna is probably closest to Melanie. They are both mums and have children of a similar age.’ Madonna calls her ‘Smells,’ and she was the trusted sibling who held her hand when she gave birth to Lourdes.

 With Jennifer and Melanie

JENNIFER, born 1967
Madonna’s half-sister teaches art in the Michigan area and got married in 2011 at their father’s vineyard. All the siblings apart from Madonna and Anthony were there. (She wasn’t invited to Madonna’s weddings either because they’re not close.) Brother Chris said at the time: ‘It was a lovely wedding day. I think she’s really looking forward to starting a family.’

MARIO, born 1968
Madonna's half-brother and the baby of the family, Mario has also worked at thier father’s vineyard. He used to work at Madonna’s record company, Maverick. He married in July 2011 and has three children, one from a previous relationship. He had a wild period in his youth, taking cocaine and getting into fights. He battered a motorist and broke a police officer’s nose. Madonna paid his legal bills.

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