Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes in Film?

Out magazine has ranked the "30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film." (View HERE.) While I don't have too many strong feelings about their picks -- I can't really remember many of them -- I do know that the ONE scene that left a HUGE impression on me, or on my Calvins back in the late '80s, was Michael and Robert's "jogging/reading a book? scene in Bill Sherwood's "Parting Glances," which someone didn't even make the list. The hide-and-seek in the park, followed by the kissing and slowly undressing in the hallway -- and then the fleeting post-coital scene in the shower -- was the most romantic scene I had ever seen onscreen, and took my breath away.

Perhaps two men in a live-in relationship making love was considered too tame for a list that also boasts "brutality" and "recklessness," but the mere notion that two men could have a "traditional" relationship and, of course, have sex whenever they wanted was so erotic to me that I bought the VHS tape and watched it over and over again. I told John Bolger how much this example had meant to me when I met him at the film's restoration screening in New York. His feeling of being flattered was overshadowed only by his feeling of mortification when I couldn't resist also telling him that my attention was squarely on him! 


Anonymous said...

Gave up reading it when I realized it was so heavily foreign. Has anyone ever doen a list of US films?

Fleeting Glances said...

Just read your post on John Bolger. In the mid 80's John (married at the time) was in my aerobics class at the Joy of Movement (The Dancers School) on Lafayette St. with Madonna & Randy Jones. John was friendly, cordial & pinged my gaydar. John was always in front of me in class wearing spandex shorts. I didn't know where to look, at those crystal blue eyes, the huge bulge in his shorts or that well rounded ass. Best part was the locker room, saw his dick many times. One day he was leaving the shower area & it was more than semi hard, it was HUGE! Long, thick & a huge head on it and very red. Just thought I'd share.

Mike said...

In response to Steve, I believe (and this is just my opinion) that non-US filmmakers have approached gay themes in films much more openly and honestly than we have here in the US. I do think it's a shame that "Parting Glances" was left off the list, as was "Longtime Companion". In "Burnt Money" and "Law of Desire" particularly, the sex was depicted as raw and real by bold and fearless actors, including a young Antonio Banderas ("Law of Desire"), who at the time was a bordering-on-big-star in Spain, and his participation in that film didn't seem to have hurt his career. US actors might have been willing to play those parts but they would have demanded the sex be toned town. "Brokeback Mountain" notwithstanding, which I enjoyed, but it took an A-list director and A-list actors to get that made. The fun thing about these lists is that you can agree or disagree. I agree with Steve that a list of US films would be fun, but I think it would be short. So many of my fave "sexiest gay scenes" are on this list.

tobyweiss.com said...

Velvet Goldmine!
Seeing Ewan McGregor pegging Christian Bale at dawn on the rooftop near the end of the movie is what sent me back to see it again the very next day in the theater.
Swear to Cher!

David said...

Kenneth-I'm with you on John Bolger, very handsome and still a fox judging from your more recent photos with him. I also own a vhs copy of Parting Glances and he was the only reason I watched the daytime soap Another World. :)