Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Strike Me Pink' by Debbie Harry

My favorite song off Debbie's fine-but-not-particulary-memorable "Debravation" album. Would you believe I had never even seen the video for this one until it popped up on my friend Matt's list of 12 Debbie Harry Hits-That-Never-Were


Matthew Rettenmund said...

I can't believe that, actually, lol! It's a really great video. I love when Debbie gets to be Debbie...arty and weird. It's so disturbing.

Ben Nevis said...

So many favorites on this list but ya can't beat that Def Dumb and Blonde album. Sweet and Low is just terrific and I've never heard it explained better then on the Boy Culture blog. Thanks for the link to this fine list.