Thursday, April 04, 2013

AZ Congressman's Gay Son Defends Father

Completely heartbreaking to hear the son of Rep. Matt Salmon defending his father's anti-marriage-equality stance. It's like a case of battered woman syndrome, with a gay Mormon twist. (The guy's such a mess he can't even see the damage he's doing to others by going public like this.) In his "It Gets Better" video, he says his childhood bullies have since apologized to him for "being so immature" and told them they are proud of him. Too bad his own father isn't as evolved as his worst enemies. Read HERE.


Tom said...

As he said in the video, he's still "putting on a good face." Perhaps when he's a little older and gets beyond the initial flush of coming out, he'll have an understanding of just how pernicious his father's positions have been for so many people. I remember how euphoric I was for a long time when I first came out, it gave the world a rosy glow that took a long time to fade into something a little more realistic -- but the realities of anti-gay discrimination will no doubt make this kid think a little differently in the future.

Anonymous said...

The parents CANNOT do what is right by their son, without totally losing their position in the tight knit community of morholes.
Thus, I give the son a bit of slack for not expecting more and upsetting himself when they cannot do right.