Friday, March 22, 2013

Watch Where 'It' Happens

 Jacob Bernstein's tour of Andy Cohen's West Village digs -- and an interview with Mr. Chatty, of course! -- is a fun read HERE. I finally had a chance to read the Bravo star's memoir, "Most Talkative," and I was really moved by the chapter about being a young gay man in the '80s and the persistent fear of being rejected by everyone you love ... and the inevitability of dying of AIDS. ("Most Talkative" comes out in paperback on April 2.)


And lookie here: My friend Johnny Diaz interviewed Andy down at Florida Atlantic University!


greg said...

I just read the story in the Times earlier today. I'm really not familiar with Mr. Cohen...but now I'm thinking I should be.

Peter Maria said...

He likes plaid, doesn't he?

John said...

Glad to hear it will be in paperback! I will finally buy it.

Johnny Diaz said...

Thanks K for the shout out! :-D
The book is a fun engaging read. It's like he's sitting next to you and chatting away. (The part I enjoyed the most focused on his CBS morning news/48 Hours days when he was dispatched to breaking news stories around the country and he had to coordinate coverage). I also related to growing up watching CHIPS, Battle of the Network Stars, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty, and soaps. And of course, his Boston stories.

Michael said...

Andy Cohen took a network that used to show Broadway and opera and ballet and the arts and turned it into trash for the lowest common denominator - with garbage shows and fame whores. What a waste.