Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Living in 'The Real World'

  Vulture took on the ambitious task of ranking all 27(!) seasons of "The Real World." I figured the year I stopped watching would mark when I officially became old, but flipping through them I realize I faded in and out for years -- skipping early-on Boston and Seattle -- but rebounding in time for hot-ass Danny in New Orleans. (Who didn't watch that one?) Although I haven't had a chance to thoroughly read this, I can already tell you for a fact that it is dead wrong about putting London at NUMBER 7! They acknowledge that it was panned at the time, but insist that in retrospect it is a "breath of fresh air." Um, no. Read HERE.


BW said...

Not a bad job. I'm a little embarrassed to say I kind of got goosebumps through the top 10.

Craig said...

Pretty impressive. I'd definitely order them differently but great reminder of some forgotten seasons (and yes, I've watched all of them). Interesting comment that there has never been an Asian male castmate.

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