Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Joan Rivers ... In Bed With Belinda Carlisle

I may be on Belinda Carlisle's list for calling her and the other Go-Go's out on how shitty they were to fire bassist Kathy Valentine. But I'm a huge fan of Joan Rivers' interview with Babe, in which she discusses her famous in-laws, her gay son (the clues she had when Duke was 5 are hilarious!), how Jane Fonda was "to blame" for getting the Go-Go's back together, how much she hated "Dancing With the Stars," and why she refused to do a Go-Go's reality show even though her bandmates wanted to! Watch HERE.

This isn't the first time Joan has tried to unseal Belinda's lips till the end to hear the hilarious thing Joan says about Belinda after she leaves the boudoir! Watch HERE.


Anonymous said...

What an enjoyable, relaxed and intimate interview. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That was a good interview - Belinda makes me cringe now, knowing that they dumped Kathy Valentine over something that actually could have been "gotten over." But, I guess it's still a thrill to be bitchy and catty even when you're pushin 60.

Unknown said...

I have front row seats in Reno. I'm taking 50 copies of their explicit video made by a roadie for give out for free before the show. As well as heckle the band lol. Hey Belinda what's up with the fat chick? No not the new bassist we still mean you and get some confidence on the stage. You have no stage appeal anymore no wonder why you lost Dancing with the Stars. Maybe, you should go back to coke and get some rhythm. I'll give you a free copy of the DVD ;-)