Thursday, March 28, 2013

Boy Bandits: 'The Rise and Fall of Puberty's Child'

From the incorrigible Mike Diamond and his partner in crime, Greg Scarnici:
When Mike Diamond and Greg Scarnici decided they wanted to shoot a mockumentary about two middle-aged men trying to pass off as boy band, Puberty’s Child, there was just one name that came to mind: The Weather Girls' Martha Wash. As the legendary voice behind such hits as Black Box’s “Everybody, Everybody” and C&C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now”), she was the perfect person to lend her vocals to the hit “songs” Puberty’s Child uses to get famous. “When I read the script, I thought it was a trip,” said Martha, who instantly realized they were poking fun at her stint in the early '90s as the booming voice producers recorded and then had models lip sync to in music videos. A month later, they were recording the ridiculous tracks in Greg's studio in Brooklyn, New York.
Watch what happened:

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