Monday, February 25, 2013

Song of the Day: 'History Repeating' by Shirley Bassey

I think we can all agree the 76-year-old dame was the best part of last night's Oscars. Her 1997 collaboration with the Propellerheads was the best past-meets-present pairing since the Pet Shop Boys resurrected Dusty Springfield a decade before.


martymartymarty said...

I love Shirley with Propellerheads and Dusty with PSB but also love Tammy Wynette with KLF.

Kevin said...

How insane is it that Shirley has been recording since 1956 and in all that time has only been nominated for ONE Grammy Award (and lost--for her 1997 live CD "THE BIRTHDAY CONCERT"). She is a force of nature!

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