Friday, February 08, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Cut Copy Me' by Petula Clark

 It probably won't surprise you that as a young boy growing up in the suburbs of Detroit and Phoenix, I used to hear Petula Clark's signature hit, "Downtown," on the radio and think she was singing directly to me. (Don't worry: I knew a place where we could go, too, and I wouldn't dare dream sleeping on the subway to get there!) But it probably will surprise you to know that her latest single, "Cut Copy Me" is the work of an 80-year-old woman -- giving me hope that we can expect a new Blondie record in 2025 and a new one from Saint Etienne in 2047!

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Nico said...

I've been playing it for weeks. It would be great for someone a quarter of her age...for a woman who's in her eighth decade is astonishingly good and really quite emotionally affecting. Excellent stuff

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