Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Got Milk?

Since the day we brought him home, Larry has mistaken my earlobe for his mother's teat. After spending a year pushing him away and listening to him cry -- and make a play for me -- 24 hours a day, my vet finally suggested I just give in. If I had known this was going to be going on nearly five years later, I'd have at least trained him to use my real nipple. I figure I ought to be getting something out of this, too.

See what I'm dealing with here:


AJ in Vegas said...

Hahaha! That is so cute! As a kitten, my female cat Holly used to try and feed from my male cat Cupertino's nipple. It was all fun and cute until she did that to me one night and I screamed in horror!

Yank said...

You're looking good in your recuperative state!


That is REALLY adorable. I am surprised it's went on this long, though. When I first got my cat, Simon, he hadn't been fully weaned and he used to love nursing milk off my baby finger. YOU GO, LARRY! ;)