Monday, February 18, 2013

Eagles Documentary Soars

 Anyone catch "The History of the Eagles" on Showtime over the weekend? I'm a fan, but it's hard to imagine anyone not enjooying this three-hour look the biggest-selling American band of the '70s. While friction between the band's only two constant members -- Don Henley and Glenn Frey -- was definitely a factor in the band's 1980 implosion, it's the subplots involving Randy Meisner (who sang lead on "Take It to the Limit"), Bernie Leadon and, especially, Don Felder (who was responsible for the haunting guitar part in "Hotel California," which certified their place in rock 'n' roll history) that provide the documentary's biggest fireworks. There's a reason we don't have these bands filled with singers and songwriters that were so prevalent in the California scene back when -- like Fleetwood Mac, Buffalo Springfield, Poco, etc. -- because managing that many egos was impossible. And if Gary Valentine, Jane Wiedlin and the No Doubt guys thought they could steal the spotlight from Debbie Harry, Belinda Carlisle and Gwen Steafani, imagine what a seemingfly interchangeable guy with long hair and a mustache was thinking back in 1977! Can't recommend this one enough ... have a look:


uptonking said...

While I have long been a fan of his music, and believe him to be a talented songwriter, Don Henley has not impressed me much as a human being. Yes, he supports all the right causes, but he's such a damn greedy crabby mean asshole when it comes to business and the manner he treats other people. And Glenn Frey? Talk about a man who has done very well doing very little with very little. I always liked Joe Walsh, even though they have always treated him as a sidesman. I love some of their music. They captured a time. But in a way? I think they all deserve each other. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Anonymous said...

always thought 70's-era glen fry was hot. still do.

FunMe said...

I saw this at a special screening at the Arc Light Hollywood a week ago. It's an AMAZING documentary. I loved seeing actual film footage of their concerts and interviews of them done in the 1970s.

The Eagles are certainly a band with lots of talent, back when there were real musicians and creativity in music.

Nice to see The Eagles early start including working with Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne

Henry Holland said...

If you lived in Los Angeles in the 70's like I did, you couldn't avoid The Eagles, Linda Rondstadt, Jackson Browne and a little later Fleetwood Mac. Out of all of them, The Eagles were the ones I couldn't stand, just loathed their "peaceful easy feeling" crap.

It's an excellent documentary but they're really kind of uninteresting people, aren't they? Their story isn't out of the ordinary either --band struggles > finds success > drugs/egos get in the way etc.-- except for the bazillions of records they sold.

Randy Meisner sure was gorgeous in 1977 though!