Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Drag Queen's Little Edie Is Big!

I have to say, the idea of sitting through an episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race" is about as appealing as listening to Madonna's "Hard Candy." But even I have to agree with Rich Juzwiak that Jinkx Monsoon's Little Edie (Bouvier Beale) impersonation is just about the best thing ever. (Note the judges are MTV's Julie Brown and Downtown Julie Brown!) Gawker has the clip HERE.


John Cardona said...

Ok..Hard Candy is NOT a bad album...it has 9 GREAT songs on it...1 song that was made AMAZING via a new arrangement on the MDNA TOUR...and yes 3 OK songs...I love listening to HC...it has 4 of Madonna's personsl and best songs on it...so please, give Hard Candy another listen...!!!

Anonymous said...

Hard Candy was dreadful and forgettable. RuPaul's show is actually innovative, funny and heart-warming. You should give it a shot.