Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Andys Rock Tight T-Shirts in Rio

Page Six reports on our two favorite Andys:
Anderson Cooper has been enjoying the post-Carnival activities in Rio with boyfriend Ben Maisani and Bravo’s Andy Cohen. On Saturday, the CNN anchor attended the samba schools’ parade, featuring floats and dancers, as a guest of beer company Devassa -- which, we’re told by Brazilian journalist Marcelo Bernardes, translates as “lewd” and “debauched.” Both Cooper and Cohen were seen sporting the brand’s bright yellow tees. A rep for Cooper tells us, “Everyone in the section wore their T-shirts, as happens in stadiums around the world.” The rep added: “Anderson did not know anything about the sponsor, and given that the logo is a bikini-clad woman, it’s safe to say this wasn’t an endorsement.”

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MJEH said...

So this is how Anderson is celebrating his mom's birthday??

Her b'day is today, Wednesday, the 20th.

scotsyank said...

He seems to be getting bigger. Not better, imo. Please, don't let him turn into one of those guys who look great out of clothes, and ridiculous in them. We have quite enough of those.

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