Friday, January 18, 2013

What Ever Happened to Girlfriends Being in Canada?

According to ESPN, the man suspected to be behind the Manti Te’o hoax confessed to a friend, and exonerated the Notre Dame linebacker of wrongdoing. That Te'o had to have known what was going on or that he was gay have been bandied about for the last 48 hours, but my initial thought was that he was just Catfish-ed. If ESPN is correct, so am I.


Frank Anthony Polito said...

This who thing is ridonculous... I can't even believe I'm chiming in. (The only reason I even started following this story is because I saw a pic of Manti What's-his-face and thought he looked kind of cute. Nice guns!)

What reason would his so-called friend have for duping Manti? Was he secretly in love with Manti and pulling a Cyrano/Christian? Or was he just playing a sick joke?

And why did Manti go along with it when he had to know -- at some point -- he was being duped? Meaning, why did he say he had met the woman if he hadn't?

And truthfully... He WAS having a relationship with A woman for months, as he has claimed, if he was talking to her on the phone every night. She just want't the woman he had THOUGHT she was!

IMHO, this just goes to show another case of someone wanting to be "famous" and vying for attention by trying to evoke sympathy from the rest of America. Mati T'eo (is that his name? I don't even remember!) is already a hot-shot football player. Why isn't that enough?

Anonymous said...

The football player is an attention whore!
He says the girl was his girlfriend but yet he never met her. Uh huh.

CLOSETED gay for sure!


Christian H said...

Hey now, let's not all be so quick to jump to conclusions.. Personally I think he was tricked, because if I was in his situation I'd probably have done the same thing.. or more accurately I have been in his situation (with a guy) and he's done a lot more than I have. It's hard to understand when you've had the real thing, been on a real date with someone who is physically there, I get that. But when you haven't... It becomes one of those situations where you believe what you want to believe. No one wants to believe the person they care about is lying to them, let alone not even the person they say they are. It's painful and, perhaps worst of all, it's embarrassing too. I am not at all surprised he told his dad he had met her, try explaining to your dad that you've never met the person you call your girlfriend without seeming like a total nut. I know I could never do that with my dad.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you've never been in that situation it's way too easy to pass judgement. I hope this won't jeopardize his career, but he'll probably never live it down.

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