Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nole Threepeats Down Under!

   Was thrilled with the outcome of today's Australian Open final, but I don't think enough can be said about what a monumental shift in the men's game it would have been had Andy Murray won. Not only would World Number One Novak Djokovic have suddenly found himself Slamless for the first time in ages -- wasn't he on the verge of a Novak Slam the other day? -- Murray would have risen to the No. 1 spot by a huge margin, having won the last two (finally beating Roger Federer en route to this one), runner-up at Wimbledon, and a more than respectable quarterfinal finish at the French, losing to David Ferrer. More importantly, it would have immediately eliminated any question of his ending up being a One Slam Wonder, which has happened to more than a few champion-level players in history. Don't get me wrong. He definitely seems to be on the path to another major. But for me, all was restored in the men's game today when Novak Djokovic walked away the best player in the world ... still.


glennethph said...

Yay! I could barely watch the 1st 2 sets because I was so nervous for Nole. When he won the 2nd set, I had a feeling he was going to win.

glennethph said...
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