Thursday, January 31, 2013

Morning Wood


greg said...

My first reaction? Tatum O'neal.

Google her...the faces are identical.

Although I don't her body could compete with this hottie. :-)

Kevin Dee said...

This is Daniel Garofali, an Australian model, who writes about his exploits as a model, in NYC,in DNA Magazine. DNA is an amazing source of hot 'safe for work' photography.

BosGuy said...

Yes, Dan is definitely hot. This Australian model now spends most of his time in NYC and Europe.

I met him in Australia in 2009 when I was visiting and have him on video dancing at a few events.

He's not that great of a dancer, but he has other moves that would make your jaw drop.


Matt said...

Wow. Looks sort of like Rocco DiSpirito in younger and hunkier days.