Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Funny Lady

Kathy Griffin posted this e-mail from her "pal and idol" Gloria Steinem on Facebook. She said it was "too good" to keep to herself, and I tend to agree:
From Gloria Steinem, your fan  
 I caught you on Bravo last night -- must have been after the election because you said you were glad Obama got elected, thank you! -- and I just want to say that I think you're even better than before, which is saying a lot!  
You do great voices and accents, but you're not impersonating Cher or Oprah or Celine, you're evoking their essence from the inside -- much more empathetic -- your timing is great -- your sense of detail is novelistic -- and you trust your audience to be smart, so they are! Making people laugh is a power women weren't supposed to have either, so that's great in itself, but instead of doing jokes, you're doing short stories -- which is greater. thank you!!!!  
You tempt me to become a comedy writer again. If i can find any from the past, will send it.

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