Tuesday, January 15, 2013

But What About the 'Picnic' Basket?

Ben Brantley doesn't so much review "Picnic" as he does Sebastian Stan's chest in The New York Times -- and who could blame him? I need to ask my mom how Stan's bod stacks up against William Holden's, who starred in the film version, which my mom went to see on her first date!

For tickets, click HERE.

My friend Derek points me to the racy poster from my mom's era, which included the steamy tagline:  "From the moment he hit town ... she knew it was just a matter of time!"(!!!!)



Anonymous said...

The Stan dude's put on some muscle and lost some baby fat since Kings. Pretty impressive.

It'll be interesting to hear your mother's comparison to Bill Holden's body. Most of the male actors back then had bodies that wouldn't see the light of day by today's standards. We've changed our opinion a lot in the last 25 years about what makes for a hot male torso. Back then, they didn't even have abs to speak of, for example.

Baxter's Briefs said...

A tisket a tasket I bet he's got a big basket! LOL!

joel65913 said...

Bill Holden had a great body for the time but was too old for the part. He still did a good job but he and Kim Novak, who looks stunning in a long red wig, seemed mismatched, quite a shortcoming when the point of the story was their electric connection.

greg said...

Nice to see they're bringing porn back to Times Square where it belongs.

Ruddigore said...

Why did they feel the need to shave off Sebastian Stan's chest hair? Was it because they also shaved off his pubes for the anachronistic 2013 low waisted jeans even though this production is set in the 1950's? Or is it somehow a tribute to the fact that William Holden had to shave his chest for the movie (despite being furry in Sunset Blvd) because his chest hair was considered too threatening during the rather tame scene where he removes his shirt in front of Kim Novak?

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