Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good Night and Thank You

   Not surprised to read that the producers of "Evita" are closing the show rather than trying to fill Ricky Martin's larger-than-life shoes. (I didn't watch the Tony awards, but please tell me that mustache won best supporting honors.) Had been hearing from the getgo that Elena Rogers' voice was grating, so losing Ricky was bound to be the killer blow. (If you're gonna try to go, it closes Jan. 26.) Read HERE.


M. A. Gay said...

Saw this about a month ago...Ricky (and his mustache) were was the show in general...would recommend it before it closes!

Anonymous said...

Take away my gay card, but I found him to be mediocre at best in the role. Although I go back to the glory days of Evita on Broadway so maybe biased.

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