Friday, November 09, 2012

Sour Puss

OK, I wasn't there. But Don Lemon sure sounds like he's being a bit ridiculous here, accusing Jonah Hill of treating him like he was "the help" after stalking waiting for the actor outside a hotel bathroom and saying hi. By his own admission, Jonah said hi back and shook his hand, but then went about his business. But Lemon wasn't satisified, so took to Twitter to air his feelings (before continuing to complain on live television!).
"Said hi to @jonahhill in hotel. Think he thought i was bellman. Didn't know his name til bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind."  
To which Jonah cleverly replied:
"I said hi what do you want me to do move in with you? I was in a hurry. Didn't realize you were a 12 year old girl. Peace." Later adding:  "I walked out of the restroom and found you waiting for me. Shook hands, said hi and was on my way. Sorry if you found that rude."
The fact that Lemon had to try to slip that "I didn't even know who YOU were bit -- even though he went after Jonah -- into his tweet says a lot to me.

Decide for yourself HERE.


I wont grow up said...

I think Ms. Lemon has an over exagerated sense of self importance. She needs to get over herself.

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands without heat or power and a presidential election... and this is something a "journalist" is focusing on? It's another great example of why CNN is in the toilet

Anonymous said...

mr lemon is an idiot - and i actually thought he was intelligent - hubris trumps intelligence again

Christopher said...

Mrs. Lemon is the WORST "journalist" out there. Her memoir was the most boring piece of shit I have ever read. He wouldn't even qualify to be "the help."

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