Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Song of the Day: 'Amie' by Pure Prairie League

 "Amie" came on in the restaurant where Michael and I were having dinner last night. Michael immediately started singing along -- I did too, only I always thought they were saying "Hey me, whatchu wanna do?" -- and then laughed thinking how he'd have never believed it if someone had told him in 1972 that this song would still be in heavy rotation in 2012, with over 2 million hits on YouTube! Then we tried to remember who sang it -- at first Michael thought it was a famous band but with one of the backup players taking the lead -- before giving up and checking online. When I said Pure Prairie League, it all came rushing back to him. I'd never heard the band name, but then read they were also the group behind "Let Me Love You Tonight," a Top 10 hit in 1980, but by then none of the band's original members were around, and vocals were now being handled by none other than (a young) Vince Gill. (Is that what stuck in Michael's mind?)


Moose said...

The writer of "Amie", Jim Femino, lives in a small town near me (Royersford, PA), and has a home studio there. He's also done a lot of writing with TOby Keith, and other country stars over the years.

Anonymous said...

PPL was and still is a great band, They tour today and still sell out venues across the nation. Of course Amie is still on the menu !

Amie was actually written by founding member Craig Fuller who wrote most material for their first two Lp's.They formed in Waverly Ohio and played in various HS bands prior to forming PPL in 1969.Incredibly RCA wouldn't put Amie on their self titled debut LP but were finally convinced to put it on the second one, Bustin' Out. PPL was one of the most succesful and influential country rock bands with 6 Top 40 Lp's (the only one to do that ), it's music is on over 100 CD compliations,and has been critically acclaimed as the greatest country rock ever recorded.

Their music has been recorded/performed/cited by some of the biggest names on country music. I'll give plenty more info if you wish ! Take care and stay well.

Floral Park, NY

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