Friday, November 09, 2012

Flight Deck

Mark Blane's account of being verbally assaulted on a plane for being gay is HERE. Unfuckingbelievable. At the risk of sounding like another "it gets better" video, let me just tell you this, young Mark. By the time you get to my age, I can assure you that you will not be the one crying if something like this happens again. And was the flight attendant making a gay crack with that "nip it in the butt"? comment? (Sorry, couldn't resist!)


You Oughtta Know said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. My partner and I used Alaska Airlines on our last trip to Portland and the staff were actually *gasp!* friendly. I'll use them again.

David said...

If there was an empty seat somewhere else on the plane (and there was), Mark should have immediately switched seats. Everyone knows you cannot reason with fanatical (elderly) religious people. When you hear ignorant comments like "you chose that lifestyle" and "you can't procreate", you know you're dealing with the essence of stupidity. Best to avoid stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Although they were obviously idiots, he kind of provoked the entire thing with his "I am a gay American" diatribe. The best thing we all can do, meaning minority groups is to work hard, be good citizens, be proud of who we are and just be Americans. None of us deserve a label, we are all Americans, not gay Americans, AA Americans, Asian Americans, etc. It just diminishes all of us.

Harry said...

...Or, Mark could have said "You are absolutely right. I have nothing to contribute to society. So I shall take this pen from my pocket and stab you both in the neck with it"

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