Thursday, October 25, 2012

Was My Uncle Kenny Gay?

After seeing additional footage of home movies our cousin just uncovered (that I haven't viewed yet), my brother e-mailed me to ask whether there had ever been any speculation that my namesake -- Dad's twin brother (right) -- was a little light in the loafers:
Is there any chance Uncle Kenny was gay? Has [our gay cousin] Kevin ever said anything on the subject? You might see why I'm asking when the DVD arrives. It's probably nothing -- I think there was a lot more chum-chum-chummy affection in those days -- but he seems awfully close to this rather hunky tall blond guy, and of course he was a lifelong bachelor. (And who owned the pink car anyway??)

After dying laughing, I told him I hadn't heard any rumors. But Kevin and I have certainly speculated about our cousin Jimmy (below, left, with his hot brother, Danny).

Footnote: For those who are a little confused by this, my parents divorced when I was 4 and we essentially had no contact with my dad or his side of the family after that, which is why we don't really "know" any of these people (anymore). In more recent years, we have reconnected with some cousins, although all of the uncles are dead now.


Anonymous said...

It would not be surprising about your uncle. A LOT of the gay people I know have a (usually straight) twin, whether identical or fraternal. It seems to me that gay guys are more likely than most people to have a twin. I think it adds to the evidence that homosexuality is somehow connected with prenatal development.


Ken said...

Did you tell these relatives that you were going to speculate on their sexuality on the internet?