Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mr. Malcontent Finally Breaks Through*

  Have to congratulate Andy Murray, who brought his and his homeland's Grand Slam drought to an end yesterday at the U.S. Open. Despite a noble effort to mess it up for himself -- he blew a 4-love lead in the second set and a 2 sets to love lead overall -- he was the better player in the fifth, so deserved to win. I can't remember the last time four different men won the four Grand Slams in one year, but it does seem to portend a new era, even if it's an era I'm not looking forward to.

* Rafael Nadal did not play.


Mike in Asheville said...

First: last time there were 4 different Mens' Slam winners was 2003: the year Roger won his first slam at Wimbledon and Andy Roddick won the US Open; also that year, Agassi won in Melborne and Ferrero won at Roland Garros.

Second: Mr. Malcontent? Murray is up against Roger, Rafa, and Nole, with a side of Juan-Martin. It was Rafa, as 11/12 year-olds who invited Andy to practice in Spain; and with Nole, they've been friends since then too. Certainly Andy has had his share or more of frustration, but, not so sure about him being a malcontent. Well, at least not on the court.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Mike: I didn't say he didn't have his reasons. But Andy Roddick didn't walk around for 10 years looking MISERABLE at all times like Murray has for these past few! He should just thank his lucky stars that his smokin' hot girlfriend is into money and fame!

Donny said...

Andy is actually a decent looking guy. He just needs to use some of that money to fix his "British" teeth. Congrats to him!

Still, we need Rafa back.